Card Reader by BASEUS

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Card Reader BASEUS is a compact MicroSD and SD card reader. With this device, you can easily increase the memory in your laptop or smartphone. The reader provides a read/write speed up to 5 Gb/s (USB 3.0).


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Card Reader by BASEUS


With USB and USB-C connections, the Card Reader by BASEUS can be used in conjunction with most mobile devices and laptops. The plug-and-play adapter works with all operating systems. No software, drivers or external power supply is required.



The device is made of the highest quality materials. The aluminum casing not only looks great but also protects against rust. The material is characterized by increased resistance to scratches.



The intelligent circuitry at the reader ports adjusts the power required and protects the device from overheating, short circuit, or overload.



Producent Baseus
Name Lentil – Cabin card reader
Product code CADKQ-B0G
Material Aluminum + ABS
Color Gray
Card reader micro SD / SD
Connector USB 3.0 and USB-C 3.0
Compatible systems Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
Transmission rate 5 Gb/s


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