Telescopic Arm 3m for Action Cameras & Smartphones Superbee GEP300

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Telescopic Arm 3m Superbee GEP300 allows the remote fixed camera or camera at a distance of 300 cm, making it possible to obtain a broader perspective. As a result, the frame will be far more items. The rod has a continuous adjustment between 88 cm and 300 cm. Lock arm length is made using clamps placed on individual sections.



Telescopic Arm 3m for Action Cameras & Smartphones Superbee GEP300

Boom ideally suited to both while skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, biking or skating, and walking in the woods. It provides an effect similar to the filming of the drone. GEP300 is also an excellent tool for flash LED and microphone. With a little imagination, the range of applications is almost unlimited.
Superbee telescopic pole is made of a combination of plastic and aluminum alloy, which provides a low weight. High quality materials used in the manufacturing process guarantee a long and trouble-free operation.
By default, the telescopic boom is ending GEP300 mount system GoPro sports camera, which ensures compatibility with most commercially available models. Specially designed extended mounting screw does not interfere with waterproof housing. Additionally, the included mobile holder gives the possibility to use the smartphones (with a width of not more than 85 mm) and a stand thread adapter ¼ inch, cameras and video cameras. Its design allows you to set the camera mounted to the desired angle.

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